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Gynecomastia Surgeon in Dubai - Dr Hasan Ali

Dr. Hasan Ali – One of The Best Gynecomastia Surgeon in Dubai & UAE

Gynecomastia, often referred to as male breast enlargement, can have a profound impact on a person’s confidence and self-esteem. Dr.  Hasan Ali’s expertise in this area is second to none. He combines his extensive experience in liposuction surgery with a keen understanding of gynecomastia, delivering results that are truly remarkable.

We take pride in introducing you to Dr.  Hasan Ali, well-renowned and one of the best gynecomastia surgeon in Dubai and the entire UAE. With an exceptional track record and an unwavering commitment to patient satisfaction, Dr. Hasan Ali, gynecomastia surgeon in Dubai stands as a pioneer in the field of advanced minimal-access gynecomastia surgery.

About Dr. Hasan Ali
Gynecomastia Surgeon in Dubai


Dr. Hasan Ali is a renowned plastic surgeon & the best gynecomastia surgeon in Dubai with over 20+ years of experience and 10,000+ surgeries to his name. Dr Hasan is a specialist in VASER-assisted liposuction, gynecomastia surgery and other advanced body contouring procedures.

Education and Experience

Dr. Hasan Ali’s impressive qualifications include MBBS, MSC (UK), MRCS (UK), EBOPRAS (France), and FICS (USA). He has obtained special training in body, face, and breast aesthetic surgery, contributing to his extensive knowledge and skill set. 

Best Gynecomastia Surgeon in Dubai - Dr Hasan Ali
Gynecomastia Surgeon in Dubai - Dr Hasan Ali

Great Cosmetic Surgeon of the World Award by Asia Pacific Academy of Cosmetic Surgery 
USA (2012)

Gynecomastia Surgeon in Dubai - Dr Hasan Ali

Award for Excellence in Cosmetic Surgery Education by American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery USA (2009 – 2011)

Gynecomastia Surgeon in Dubai - Dr Hasan Ali

Doctors Choice Awards 
(DCA) (2016, 2017, 2019)

Memberships & Affiliations

Why Choose Dr Hasan Ali for Gynecomastia Surgery?

Dr. Hasan Ali, a leading and the best gynecomastia surgeon in Dubai and the UAE, offers compelling reasons to choose Hasan's Clinic for your surgery:

With extensive experience and a stellar reputation, Dr. Hasan Ali is widely regarded as one of the most experienced gynecomastia surgeons in Dubai. His track record and the satisfaction of his clients are unparalleled.

Gynecomastia surgery involves elements of liposuction, and Dr. Hasan Ali’s mastery of this technique ensures exceptional results. He is also a pioneer of VASER liposuction in the UAE, specializing in advanced body contouring and 4D Hi Def liposuction.

Dr. Hasan is recognized for his exceptional plastic surgery skills. Patients and fellow doctors alike trust and respect his work. With over 5,000 successful surgeries, he consistently delivers outstanding results.

Dr Hasan Ali uses highly advanced and cutting-edge technology for modern, state-of-the-art cosmetic surgery that aligns with his commitment to excellence.

Dr Hasan Ali has been an American Association For Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities AAAASF-accredited plastic surgeon since 2016, meeting the global gold standard for outpatient surgical facilities. This accreditation underscores Dr Hasan Ali’s high standards, advanced technology, and unwavering focus on patient safety.

Dr Hasan Ali upholds the highest standards of quality and patient safety, ensuring your well-being is a top priority.

Dr  Hasan Ali’s stature as a top plastic surgeon in Dubai extends to his role as a renowned trainer of plastic surgeons, surveyor, and examiner, further highlighting his expertise and leadership in the field.

Dr. Hasan Ali is one of the international surveyor for quality and safety. He understands the importance of quality care in a surgical procedure and maintains high standard in his own surgical facility. 

Best Gynecomastia Surgeon in Dubai - Dr Hasan Ali

When you choose Dr. Hasan Ali, the best gynecomastia surgeon in Dubai you are opting for excellence, experience, and a commitment to your well-being, making it the ideal choice for gynecomastia surgery.

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What Sets Us Apart

Dr. Hasan Ali is not than just a medical facility; it’s a sanctuary of comfort, warmth, and professionalism. We are committed to providing you with a modern and spotless environment equipped with the latest technology.

His AAAASF accreditation and high compliance score are evidence of our commitment to ensuring your safety and comfort.

Your safety and satisfaction are Dr. Hasan’s top priorities. His commitment to excellence, backed by his extensive experience and recognition in the field, ensures that you receive the best care possible. As a renowned and the best gynecomastia surgeon in Dubai, Dr. Hasan specializes in providing exceptional treatment tailored to your needs.